Your Apps

Once in the apps page, navigate to the right of the search bar. Click the app grid icon, this will open up a page of your personal Urbit apps.

  • If you right click on any app, you will see these prompts:

    • Pin - In each space, you will be able to pin apps to the task bar. The pinned apps will only be in the taskbar for the space you pin them in.

      • Right click any app in the suite or in “Your Apps,”

      • Click pin

      • Right click on pinned apps to unpin.

    • Recommend app - While in the apps screen, you will be able to recommend apps by right clicking and pressing “Recommend app.” The more an app is recommended in a space, the higher it will be placed on the recommended apps dock.

    • App info - gives you relevant info: developer, desk, link, version #, etc.

    • Suspend app

    • Uninstall app

  • You can also sort your apps by dragging and dropping the tiles.

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