Common fixes for issues

Here are some of the common fixes for issues some have.

  1. Restart Realm to fix a stale SSE connection

  2. If the app crashes when you click the Holium button, run :bazaar &bazaar-action [%rebuild-catalog ~] in the webterm app.

  3. If you were in the old 'realm' space it has been deleted and caused crashes for some users, run this in dojo and restart realm to fix: :spaces &spaces-action [%leave [~pitsyp-savnev-malbex-lacnyr 'realm']]

  4. Rooms: If you can't seem to connect to someone in a room, right click on their avatar and press "reconnect" from the context menu

  5. Mic Permissions: If your mic won't connect in rooms, try manually setting your mic in the settings section of the rooms tray, sometimes the mic permissions don't set properly on first use.

  6. Finding the Holium/Realm folder on Mac:

    • In Finder, or by pressing Shift + Command + G, navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/@holium/realm

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