Download and Setup Realm

Step 1 - Download and Install Realm

*You need an invite link to access Realm*

For newer Silicon Macs, download Realm at For Intel Macs, download Realm at

For Windows:

For Linux:

Step 2 - Connect Your Ship

Realm requires a hosted Urbit ship. If you already have a hosted ship, you can enter your ship's details into Realm. If you don't have one yet, you can buy a hosting package inside the Realm setup flow.

"Access key" on this screen is not your Invite Link, which you're asked for on a different screen. Your "Access key" is specific to your ship, it's also known as an Access Code or "+code." It can be obtained through your hosting interface or from your ship's Terminal/dojo by simply entering +code.

Step 3 - Customize your profile

Your nickname will be the name displayed to others on the network. Set a color and custom avatar if you wish. Your profile variables can be changed later.

Step 4 - Set a password

You can change/reset this later via email.

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