Multiplayer Cursors

Togglable "multiplayer" cursor streaming in Realm rooms (disabled by default).
  • While in a room, you can enable multiplayer cursors. This will allow your cursor to be seen on the desktop of anyone else in the room.
  • At the bottom of the rooms tray, you will see a a cursor icon to the right of the microphone icon for muting yourself.
Disabled by default
Multiplayer cursor enabled
  • Other users in the room can enable their multiplayer function to be seen on your desktop.

Cursor Chat

Ephemeral chat invokable from anywhere (disappears after 5s)
  • You can enable cursor chat by pressing the forward slash button: " / "
  • A chat bubble will appear next to your cursor.
  • Input text into the chat bubble. Anyone in the room will be able to see it.

Last modified 6mo ago