Create a Space

  • Click into your Space Tray.

  • Click the + symbol in the top right of the expanded tray.

  • You have two options for creating a new space.

  • You can derive a Space from a pre-existing Group, or you can create a new Space from scratch.

1. Create a new space from a group

Groups are made in the Groups app by Tlon. Most of the early communities on Urbit were started as Groups. A Space is a new kind of group, optimized for Realm communities.

  • If you already run a Group on Urbit, we recommend you make a Space from your Group.

  • This will copy over the member list automatically and your Group members will see invites to your Space in their Space Tray when they start using Realm.

  • If you create a Space from a Group, then any subsequent Group joiners will be automatically invited to the linked Space.

2. Create a new space from scratch

  • If you're just getting started with Urbit and creating a new community, we recommend you start a new space from scratch.

  • To create a fresh space, just click Create next to New Space.

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